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Do you have 15 minutes and 43 seconds?

If you do, then here is an offering.

It is a guided meditation.

It will only work if you do it.

This 60 min class leads you through a slow
flowing sequence
giving you time and space to listen and explore your body-mind connection.

The focus is on allowing a seamless moving meditation to occur by listening to the body and how it responds in stillness & movement. The class has an opening and closing meditation, and a structure that leaves you feeling grounded, present, clear, creative, adaptable and patient.

I am most stoked to announce the humble beginnings of the Original Condition podcast.

This is an episode with Simon Borg-Olivier about living a fulfilled life, acknowledging and creating connection, approaching the obstacles of life with humility, letting go of self-defeating narratives, and the history, origins & connections between traditional practices and modern science.

Listen to more podcasts on Spotify here.

A Sound of Yoga collaboration between

Guy Buttery and Dave Gardner. Together Guy and Dave create a space for you to explore, immerse and embrace your practice

and share in a melodic expression of Yoga.

Filmed & edited by Martin Bleazard

The Beginner's Mind is empty, the beginner's mind is full of potential, the expert's mind is full of knowing. This is the difference between being able to be open, to receiving learning and allowing yourself to experience, rather than coming in and expecting something to be taught to you or to being learnt. Follow Dave and Henry along their journey of discovering this ancient philosophy through their movement and mind practice.

Innisfree is the tale of Dave Gardner & Eve Gutter (with featured artists and friends such as Guy Buttery). This EP is called 'Empire Unbecoming' and is mostly improvised sound collage of spoken word, harmonies & melodies, acoustic guitars, birds & insects, wind & water, and possibly our favorite - a synthesizer app played on a phone through a Bluetooth speaker being recorded on another phone.

Having been able to embrace the hard lockdown of 2020

in abundant wilderness, Innisfree hopes to encapsulate the bright light that is around every corner of darkness, casting its shadow onto the ground we must walk if we are to embody peace and freedom. Listen on Spotify here.

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