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Been on your computer or phone for a while?

Feeling a bit stressed or frazzled?

Try this guided relaxation.

“Meditation means to wake up.

Waking up means to open your eyes, your ears and your whole being.

Then you can connect with the world you live in

- you can dance with it, weep with it, fight with it and heal it.

You can find refuge in it, or just walk tall with a heart as wide as the sky.” 


- Antony Osler (Zen Meditation teacher)


Could there be a more radical act than being still & quiet in a world that is constantly telling you to do the opposite?


If you’ve already lost your focus in reading this, then perhaps meditation is a good idea.

This is a kind reminder that I host a live online zoom weekly morning meditation that takes place on Tuesdays at 08:00am

and ends by 08:30 (South African Standard Time).

If you can’t make it live I am also happy to send you the recording.


The sessions are on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Finances should not be a reason to not meditate.

The group energy adds to our commitment and growth,

and the subtle support of a community goes a long way.


Please email for the Zoom link.


Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing with you soon.

Big love,



A deep, authentic and embodied dive into the ancient practice

and wisdom of meditation. There is such a rich body of information

out there in regards to Meditation that it can often put you into an

information overload / analysis paralysis. Dave's understanding,

translation and guidance made bridging the esoteric

and the practical effortless.


- Alex on her experience in the Online Meditation Course


ONLINE MEDITATION COURSE / 10 January - 4 February 2023


The full course includes:
- A 20 minute guided meditation twice a week for five weeks

  (Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 8am)
- A 90min workshop each Saturday on specific topics (starting at 10am)
- A 1-on-1 session and ongoing assistance on developing your daily         

  meditation practice

  *all sessions live via Zoom (can be recorded if necessary)


The course will clarify, focus on and explore:

- Posture, breath & movement 

- Senses, thought & emotion

- Intention, action & responsibility 

- Feeling, perception & consciousness

- Impermanence, interrelationships & selflessness

As well as provide:

- A relative, contextual & accessible history of contemplative practices

- How to recognize, understand, accept and realize both wholesome

  and unwholesome states of mind 

- How to cultivate and sustain peace, contentment, kindness,

  equanimity, joy and compassion

- How to put it all down, let it all go and let it all be

Investment - A sliding scale is offered to suit your financial means,

rates range from R950pp to R2500pp (Payment plans available)

To enquire or book: or here


“The course takes you through the basic foundations of meditation. It dips into theory behind the practice and is then solidified in guided meditations led by Dave. The Saturday theory classes are balanced by personal experimentation and experience to ground the techniques being shared. Dave is encouraging, gentle and brings humour and lightness to the course. He weaves in moments of listening and sharing to create connection between participants despite the course being online.”


- Laura Kropman, Head Chef at ‘Veld & Sea’


A Contemplative Reflection by Dave:


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our happiness.”

- Unknown author (mistakenly attributed to Viktor Frankl)

Some words and reflections from practice, with deep thanks and endless gratitude to Antony Osler, Joseph Goldstein

and Bhikkhu Anālayo for their exceptional guidance, and the original instructions of the path by the Buddha.

“Be mindful, there is a the extent necessary for clear knowing and continuous mindfulness.”

- The Buddha

A Contemplative ReflectionDave Gardner
00:00 / 09:55

In mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, and mindful living, to begin,

there is clear continuous feeling and knowing of the body as it is, in the direct experience as it is manifesting.
This is a matter of being, not necessarily doing.
Life’s momentum reveals its momentary nature through the six senses,

there is hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, seeing, and the sixth - the mind with its knowing.
There is clear continuous feeling and knowing that what is being felt and known is arising and passing away.
The senses are what they are. The objects of the senses are what they are.
The forms, the feelings, the perceptions, the intentions, the consciousness itself, is not me, mine or I.
I am not controlling this.

There is change, flow, flux.
There is connection, relationship, interdependence.
The sense of a supposed self, or I, or me, or mine dissolves into selflessness.
There is acceptance, surrender.
There is a body.
There is breath.
The raw data of direct experience is felt as energy and known as information.
The overall attitude is to be with this life wholeheartedly, whole-mindedly, wholly.
There is tingling, vibrating, pressures, breathing, tastes, sights, sounds, smells,
thoughts, emotions, there are temperatures, textures, movements, some
pleasant, likeable and enjoyable, some unpleasant, unlikeable and unenjoyable, many are neither and neutral.
This is all felt and known through what are called and conceptually understood as
the skin, hair, nails, flesh, tissues, organs, blood and bones.
It is clear that the elements in the form of earth (solids), water (liquids), air (gas), fire (light) and

space (through the defining force of gravity) are present, in the body and in the environment

with no clear boundary or real distinction between internal or external.
The earth is felt and known in the solidity of certain objects, particularly the hardness of the body,

the floor, surrounding structures, trees and the ground.
The water is felt and known in the fluidity and liquid quality of certain objects,
particularly the blood, the moistness of the body, the coagulative binding of objects through

and with moisture, the falling rain, the dripping tap.
The fire element is felt and known through the heat of the body, the synapses of the nervous system,

the sun, and the overall experience of vision.
The space element is felt and known most clearly through the continuous pull of gravity,

and how the remaining elements are moving in response to this force.
The air element is felt and known most tangibly with the breath, the wind and the remaining space around the body.
It is here with the feeling and knowing of the breathing of the body that there is no clear distinction between

internal and external, and that the body is entirely dependent on the breath and a very specific type

of oxygen rich air unique to this planet.


It is in this clear and direct experience of interconnected interdependence,

that the fragility of life reveals its precious and precarious nature.
The particular flow of elements that results in life, this supposedly insignificant mundane process is clearly felt & known.
The awareness of the moment dawns and the understanding of conditionality and causality are revealed.
The cycle of life, the cycle of death, the cycle of change are experienced in this very moment.
With this felt sense of life, and contemplative response to death, unwholesome qualities of the mind are seen

for what they are, and wholesome qualities of the mind proliferate.
Doubt, in the form of the belief that this life is not enough is shattered.
Greed, in the form of craving for another life is dissolved.
Hatred, in the form of the feeling that this life is not enough is cut through.
The gentle, open, spacious quality of mindfulness truly shines its light of awareness freely and imbues everything.
This naturally occurring curious awareness awakens the quality of investigation.
The investigation leads to energy.
This energy brings joy.
Joy leads to tranquility.
Tranquility deepens concentration.
Concentration settles into equipoise.
The entire experience of life in equanimity.
And then?
And then things change again.
And if there is a holding on to what it all was, a craving to keep, a looking to recreate that experience again,

if ever a flag is pinned down and a declaration made, “This is it! I’ve found it! I’ve done it!”

Then we have to start all over, begin again.

Life blows this way and that, the tides swell and push, recede and pull, and so the learning and unlearning continues,

but now something has changed. Change is felt and known.
The mind and body having tasted mindfulness, having tasted freedom, peace, contentment and non-attachment,

know it’s way back to embodied awareness.
When the mind is not mindful and distraction is present, it is known for what it is.
Even in the addiction to cycles of pleasant or unpleasant feelings, the boredom and spacing out to neutral feelings.
Even in the proliferations of narrow minded, negative, destructive, selfish thoughts, emotions, views & behaviours.
Even in the manifestations of the hindrances revealing themselves through sensual desire & lust,

restlessness & anxiety, sloth & depression, aversion & anger, and typically at the root - doubt.
Even in all this, even, this is equipoise.
Evenness. Sameness.
The practice made real.
Not just all the good, not just all the bad, all of it.
Because it is all seen and felt for what it is.
And the heart and mind open once more.
And compassion flows.
And wisdom grows.
And all the darkness is understood, for the light of mindfulness has moved through it - is moving through it.
And selflessness flourishes.
Not me, not mine, not I.
Always free.
And then?
And then, it changes.
But something has changed.
Change is felt and known.
Keep calmly knowing change.

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