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Expressing what Original Condition is in words is a tricky one.

Why did I put this practice together?

Why am I doing this?

How am I going to do it?

These are just some of the questions I ask myself everyday, and each time, I find different answers.


Meditation & movement, mean so many different things to different people.

As the wise cliché goes, it is better to experience it for yourself than to intellectualise it with words or attempts at definitions,

but I’ll try anyway.

Mindful movement is about moving in your full awareness with each moment.

By tapping into our inherent capacity to listen, we create clarity and are therefore able to connect to the sensory experience,

and the communication within the body, without over- or underwhelm. 


By embracing stillness, observing the mind and harnessing the intelligence of the nervous system, this newfound neutral

ground allows us to move, think and feel in efficient and effective ways that perhaps we have not accessed before. 


By drawing our attention to the inner intelligence of the mind-body connection we become aware of distraction,

doubt, fear and potential negative habits, patterns and narratives that may usually hold us back from experiencing

freedom and embodying our true capacity.


Mindful movement is about getting out of your own way, embracing challenge, letting go of overthinking,

and focussing on your presence to reside in your exceptional ability to be. 


“I really enjoyed the practice, it helped to shift a lot for me in many ways. I've been stuck in my movement, felt stuck in my body and stuck in my general approach to life. The practice helped to release a lot of my limiting beliefs, and I finished the series feeling surprised at how I was moving. 

Being part of a community, and practising with a group of people. Yoh. My soul really needed that.

Thank you for facilitating, and for the healing space you held for me.”


- Elizna 

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Don’t rush decisions.

Don’t burn through mental energy unnecessarily.

Allow yourself to sink into spaces.

Approach the possibilities with openness.

Once there is settling, there is clarity.

Choices from fear are not wrong - they reveal your love & care - but their expression is one of compensation.

Allow yourself to settle.

Remember the choices and trails that led you here,

they were not rushed, and there is always time.

You can always pause.

Waiting is not stopping.

Good things take time.

Great and shocking things may happen

spontaneously and unexpectedly.

Grand things are timeless,

and perhaps are not really things.

So, don’t rush decisions.


Remember your original intentions,

and the original condition of all things.

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